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From by-product to value-add resource

Carbonization is a process known to man for centuries: through controlled pyrolysis, it is possible to transform vegetable waste into coalModern technologies have made it possible to enhance and improve this process: through a low energy consumption plant, it is possible to introduce a plant matrix and transform it into an incredibly versatile material:  Biochar. 

Biochar is a product that, depending on the input raw material, is able to cover a range of more than 50 different uses, including:  

  1. Animal husbandry (feed additive / bedding / compost, pesticides)

  2. Soil improver (fertilizer, humidity regulator, pesticide barriers, substrate additive)

  3. Filtering (water treatment, microfilters, macro filters, carbon filters, CO2 control filters, air filters for the environment)

  4. Industrial use (semiconductors, plastics, carbon fibres, batteries, metal reduction, paints)

  5. Cosmetics (soaps, creams, deodorants, natural additives)

  6. Other (food coloring, food preservation, thermal insulation, protection from electromagnetic radiation

Our area of expertise covers the entire Biochar supply chain: in this way we can enhance the product at all stages of its life cycle.

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