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Verified Carbon Units

Green bonds for a more sustainable future

The Kyoto Protocol commits Parties involved in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, considered by the scientific community to be the cause of global warming.


Today, the emission of greatest concern, due to its impact on the atmosphere, is the CO2.

To compensate for the pollution produced, energy-intensive companies can resort to the free exchange of VCU: known in Italy as Energy efficiency certificates - or TEE. These are real securities that can be traded between private parties or directly on national and international platforms. In this way, a company with a significant carbon footprint can offset its emissions by purchasing the credits necessary to achieve its Zero Emissions goals.

The strive for carbon neutrality  represents a concrete opportunity for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), as well as a real commitment to the climate fight

We at Agricarma believe in the project: this is why we only involve trading platforms with the highest technical standards, who can avoid double counting and are recognized by the market for the high value of their certificates.

Are you interested in the project? Send us an email and we will reach back to you as soon as possible!

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