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ESG Management Course

Enviromental, Social and Governance to improve your profiency

Thanks to an agreement entered into with the INFORMATTIVA S.r.l. accredited with the Lombardy Region, it will be possible for residents inLombardy to take advantage of the courses made by our Company for free to acquire skills related to the ESG approach.


The importance that is attributed to the Environment, Social commitment and Governance, allows the professional skills of the users of the Course to be enriched by enhancing the Skills already possessed by the Professionals. ​ The courses we offer are delivered online and include three levels of in-depth study, allowing Learners to choose the most appropriate level for their needs according to their specific needs. The modular logic envisaged for the three Courses involves integrations and increasing insights from the Basic level of Literacy to ESG concepts up to the third level, which allows access to a path of Certification of Skills, managed by Federprofessional (Association of High Independent Professionals). ​


  • 1st level: Duration 16 hours. The foundations and applications of the ESG Concepts will be illustrated


  • 2nd Level: Duration 32 hours. The managerial and financial aspects that characterize the "Corporate ESG" specialist path will be explored, providing elements of growth in the internal organization of the company of origin and providing the Management Consultants with a focus to better finalize their support to the Client. ​


  • 3rd level: Duration 40 hours. It provides information and training functional to the Certification of Skills, allowing you to complete a professional growth path certified pursuant to Law 4 of 2013. ​


Pre-registrations will allow an additional bonus to all those who join by May 31, 2023. ​ The courses will start in the second half of September 2023 if a minimum number of participants is reached to justify their creation.

Image by Ben Rosett
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