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Renewable Energy Communities 

Sharing the energy for a more independent future

Italy is still a long way from energy independence: the dramatic energy crisis is there for all to see.

With the transposition of the RED II Directive (2018/2001), the Italian State now has a very important tool to aim for energy autonomy leveraging renewable sources.

An important factor has been introduced through the latest legislation bringing the production of renewable energy closer to its final place of use. This has led to the conception of the CER (Renewable Energy Community), legal entities composed of a set of actors (individuals, local authorities, PA, companies), which are encouraged to cooperate to create self-production and self-consumption energy communities on a voluntary basis.

At Agricarma we believe in these projects and have developed a framework that allows us to effectively manage all aspects related to:

  • Planning and implementation of CERs

  • Management of connected Agrosolar systems

We are also able to provide localized support across the whole national territory, thanks to an extensive network of local consultants.

Find out with us how to start sharing energy!

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